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Since we open our doors in February of 2015, we have achieved a 96% customer satisfaction rating; we are proud to help individuals to live a more productive and active lifestyle with our products. We are truly thankful and honored by our customer's reviews. Here are just a few of the thank you product reviews we have received.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   EMPOWER YOUR CHANGE® OSTOMY SHOWER GUARD

> My name is Bill Zimmerman,
I had my ileostomy on August of 2014. I did not shower only when I was changing my ostomy bag and felt dirty all the time. This shower guard changed all of that. I purchased a Blue Crown Club shower guard about 6 months ago and I now can shower anytime and not have to wait until I am going to change my ostomy bag. The only thing I had to do was get some velcro to add to the one I got as I probably ordered the wrong size as I could not double the waist band around to the front. So I bought some velcro and now I can get it around to the front. It works great, most times only a few drops or moisture is in the bag probably from the steam or maybe me adding the velcro strips but the bag is ok and does not diminish the wear time of the ostomy bag. I fully recommend this product, only make sure you get the correct size so you do not have to buy extra velcro which probably does hinder the overall performance a little. I am so glad I found this product so now I can shower anytime I want and not worry about the bag getting wet. I might buy another soon with the correct size and I'm sure it will be even better then the one I had to modify.
> Hello!
I’ve had an ostomy for 7 years. I have tried a few different products to help me shower and most of them didn’t work. Your shower guard is amazing!! It keep my ostomy 100% dry. It is comfortable to wear. I want to thank you for making a product that makes my life easier!
Shannon Kell.
> Mamdoue Adebukola, Nigerian Africa ( Colon Cancer Survivor) Hello EMPOWER YOUR CHANGE® I received the Shower Guard, I tried it for a few days and it works really great, especially when I’m trying to get  out the house in the morning fast. I really appreciate the Shower Guard, it has definitely solved a big problem in my life. 


> My name is Matt from Austin Texas: I placed my order for a X-large Blue Crown Club Shower Guard. It worked well but it was too big. I call the company and spoke to Gregor to let them know it was too big for me, I told him i needed a small size. He just replied okay I'll send you a small size strap at no charge and we will ship for free too, things happen friend. I’ve showered with the shower guard for a few days and I love it. It protects my ostomy bag and doesn’t interfere with moving in the shower when i'm bending (I don’t have to worry about drying my ostomy bag with a blow dryer anymore. I have to say the best Customer Service experience I've ever had. Gregor made me feel good that the mistake was okay and we had a great conversation about Crohn's disease: ********* (I’d give a hundred stars to Gregor just for being so cool and understanding but a hundred stars is too many to write. 


> Eric from Canada: I just wanted to let you know that the shower guard seems to work pretty damn good. There was a bit of moisture under the apron, but I suspect it's simply from the steam of the shower. The bag was dry =) I'm going to use this more often so I get a better feel.


> Just got my BLUE CROWN CLUB Shower Guard in the mail, took my first shower with the Shower Guard and I just cried in the shower, all I can say is thank you very much for inventing this product. For the first time in 6 months after having surgery it feel pretty damn good to take a long shower. Thanks again from Michele in Connecticut.


> Dolores Riquelme, This shower guard is a life saver for me as it allows me to bath without the complication of drying the Ostomy pouch. Saves time although it is a little tricky to get pouch completely inside bag.


> Julia Arneson, Item arrived in a timely manner and product is as advertised.


> Rosemary Rivera, The seller went above and beyond to make sure the product was available and of suitable size for the person I was buying it for. It showed me there was a respect for the customer's special needs that made me grateful to have done business with Empower Your Change. Thank you!


> Don DePasquale from Myrtle Beach SC: Yes!!! After a small vacation to Reno Nevada my shower guard came today. I immediately tore open the package and headed for the shower. I was not disappointed. It worked like a charm Thank you so much for this awesome product.


> Bill:  Thank you so much! I received mine today. I was a little concerned that I had either received or ordered too small a size but a most pleasant call to Gregor assured me I would be ok, that the elastic would stretch a little and if in the future I gained weight a new belt was available. I received my ostomy in Oct of 2014 and due to that and other complications I was unable to shower for a few months. Once the other complications were cleared I began to shower but only two or three times a week. I would use Glad Press & Seal and tape it over the bag. It was time consuming and painful taking the tape off that often. It often leaked also and I would stand and have to dry the bag with a hair dryer. Now I was in and out of the shower in a snap and the bag was 100% dry and just a little moisture on the wafer. It feels great! I will tout your product and customer service to anyone who'll listen!

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